Maximum attraction, Minimum food!!
We've blended together an identical flavour and attraction package to match the unstoppable bait, the Milky Amino. Its sweet and milky nut base is very palatable, full of feed inducing triggers, an advanced even more of the 'elevated' amino blend due to the non boiling process of the powders, brocacel yeast and maize protein. Powdered sweeteners, koi clay plus a few other tasty morsels fish find very attractive. It holds a very high mineral and vitamins content, with added crushed mussel shells for a little crunchiness.

To really help the attraction levels try adding some of our organic hemp oil to the mix (at any time of the year) this will help attraction rise to the surface taking all those tiny feed triggers and food signals upwards in the water column. It will simply make the bait work harder and fish for you, it's the little things that count, combining liquids and oils with powders can be a phenomenal edge!

Milky Amino Bag Mix - 1 kg