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2kg of Pellets supplied with a 5ltr Green Square Bucket and a choice of Carpalyptic Oil.

Great as hookbaits or loose feed, pellets have long been a great, reliable bait that you can rely on when other baits just aren’t cutting it. Most young carp are fed pellets to help improve their growth, this gets them accustomed to the taste and used to feeling safe while feeding on it. This can be exploited on most fisheries so we have selected a range of pellets that you can use for either feed, stick mixes, PVA bags or hookbaits.

Our Pellets have a safe sustainable protien and oil content thats balanced to suit all fish needs but to give maximum attraction to draw the fish into the swim.


Carpalyptic Tiger Nut Oil

Tigernut oil, unlike some on the market contains fermented tigers carefully blended with another neutral oil sometimes you will see small white particles this is kahm yeast which proves the ingredients are 100% Genuine and not just flavour.


Carpalyptic Heat Wave Oil

Heatwave oil is a combination of ginger and chilli oil which holds a massive lost of Vitamins and Minerals, notably Vitamin A, one of Chilli powders best properties is Capsaicin, Capsaicin is said to be habit forming.


5ltr Bucket, 2kg Pellet, Choice Of Carpylitic Oil

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