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.3KG 16mm Shelf Life Boilies

.2KG 4.5mm Pellets

.12 Popups

.12 Wafters

.250ml Matching Stim

.10ltr Green Square Bucket


The ASM – (All season mix)
WARNING : This isn’t wife friendly !

A very pungent traditional home / made like bird food bait , dark brown/ orangey colour with a low level monster crab flavour full of various human grade spices & a unique meat extract ,a closely guarded secret ! This baits  exceptionally fish feeding qualities are already legendary !
A absolutely “stink bomb” of a bait that the carp really do love !
Also contains milk proteins.

The Twisted Peach
Again based on a bird food base ,the twisted peach is low level flavour too. Made using the finest human grade Indian spices & coconut. A very pungent bait that the carp love & is a lot more tolerant for the home, without losing those Carpy attractions, peachy yellow in colour.

The Maxi Fish 
We’ve used this bait from the mid 90s and  a very much Spring  summer bait up to October . This bait was once credited with the biggest day ticket SAVAY carp of over 41 lb in the Late 90s ! With a low level cranberry flavour this  higher than regular fishmeal baits is very productive. Greyish in colour turning a off white in the water similar to a washed out bait .containing 4 different fish meals & milk proteins.

Maxi Nut
A combination of maximum tiger & peanut meals incorporated with milk proteins giving us a truly nutty bait. Anymore nut content & it simply wouldn’t roll ,such is the high inclusion of these two nut ingredients .We strongly believe you’d not get a nuttier bait , pale in colour with a subtle dairy flavour, please remember these aren’t human consumption ,such is the temptation with this bait.

5kg Key Baits Solutions Session Pack

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