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Krill and bloodworm 
Is a protein power house, using actual krill particles and fermented bloodworm which guarantees a bag mix or stick mix that will give you the edge in tough situations.

Hot Tuna 
Is has it says carefully blended combination of fermented chilli and tuna meal packed with aminos and natural oils that will work in all seasons. This is a timeless classic with proven results. 

X'd Cream
This unique combination of flavours will keep you guessing what it actually is sweet undertones with a fruity malt back ground, works well with your sweet fruity baits and stick mixes, if you targeting grass carp this will work well. 

Now don't be blinkered into the "oh it's just vanilla!" Mentality this is a unique vanilla with a fruity twist that will work wonders on bread to go off the surface on those high pressured days. Also perfect combination for the creamy bait combination.

Sweet & Nutty
This uses a hydro nut and almond combination. Almost looking like a Ice cream sauce this is a perfect all year round liquid this is absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. 

Triple S 
Now where to start this is a big fish attractant one of the most unique smelling liquids you will come across infused with seed particles gives it a almost onion smell, but there's none present, this one will prove to be a hit with the hard waters with few fish. 

Live Citrus 
This is a pH trigger that will create a pH differential in the water around your bait which triggers  an investigatory response from the carp. Another timeless classic first discovered by anglers in the 80s and still going strong. 

Scopex & Squid
Well this flavour doesn't really need an introduction, made with hyro squid and concentrated scopex this has a track record going back to mid to late 80s when the great man himself Mr Hutchinson said that has scope.

Carpalytic Goo Bait Deal x3

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