A beautiful lake of over 6 acres, incorporating 15 pegs including 2 doubles, this is our main specimen lake with at least 20 different  30lbers all year round, not including the 5 different 40lbers, there is around another 140 fish of which most are over 20lb, also large pike and tench. with depths ranging from 5 to 9ft, This lake is run on a booking system where you book a place but is run on a first come first serve basis places are limited  to around 12 anglers. Times are generally flexible but on occasion an arrival and departure time may be stipulated.

Fishing will be from 12noon - 12 noon but we will do the draw at 10.30 and you can walk around the lake at 11am to pick your peg.
This will be a watercraft social.
£75 each for this social with cash prizes available.
10 swims available 

7th - 9th October: Elsons Lake - Stanwick Lakes